Welcome, Casey Wayman – Administrative Coordinator

Welcome, Casey Wayman – Administrative Coordinator

On June 4th we welcomed Casey Wayman to the team as Administrative Coordinator!

Casey’s role at Aeon Nexus includes organizing schedules, running the front desk, and generally helping out where needed/applicable. May or may not be the office gofer.

Casey attended Ithaca College where she received her B.A. in English, with a minor in Writing. She also attended the University at Albany for her M.S.I.S. with a focus on information services – i.e., gathering, organizing, and presenting information – and librarianship. Casey was hired out of grad school by Bryant & Stratton College, where she was the librarian and also has experience as the part-time secretary for a local church. During her time in school, she was the Graduate Assistant for the Info Science department at UAlbany. (She knows her way around an Excel spreadsheet!)

As one might expect from her background, she loves writing, proofreading, and general communications, as well as what she would usually call “playing with data.” Finding and organizing information to make it clear, thorough, and accurate is a fun challenge, and all her favorite tasks from previous jobs involved this to some extent.

An anecdote that sums her up way too well:

A friend once texted me asking if I knew about any apartments nearby. I replied with a 5-page document outlining all the local places renting within her price range – ordered from low rent to high, then by square foot, then by rent divided by square foot, and finally by distance to various points of interest in the area. It was absurdly fun and took literally hours.

A few fun facts about him:

  • Hobbies: Knitting, tabletop games/RPGs like DnD, watching B-movies
  • Pets: Frankie is an orange kitten and 10 lbs of pure love. I spoil her terribly and will bombard you with pictures given the slightest opportunity.
  • Favorite books: John Dies at the End, Othello if we’re willing to stretch the definition of “book,” and everything Lemony Snicket has touched
  • Your hero: Anyone who can dance. Also, pugs, because their eyes sometimes pop out due to the way their face is shaped and they don’t let that ruin their day one bit; every pug I’ve ever met thinks it’s the toughest thing in the room. That’s some enviable confidence.


 Casey Wayman / Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]

Aeon Nexus Corporation
(518) 708-8971 / (866) 252-1251
138 State Street
Albany, NY 12207





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